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The history of roller skating


Most people have mixed reaction about being on wheels or freewheeling. Others argue that roller skating is hell while others applause it as the fun of the year! However, have ever stopped and think a little bit of how the game of roller-skating started? Typically, the above game is quite new to many people, but the truth of the matter is that it was popular in earlier days. In fact, its history dates all the way back to the 1700s.

Roller skating is the act of traveling on a hard surface with roller skates. Indeed, it is a sport as well as a form of recreational activity. Besides that, roller skating is also considered as a mode of transport, especially in urban areas where there are tarmacked pathways for road skating.

Typically, skates come in three basic varieties: blades or inline skates, tri-skates, or quad roller skates, though some have experimented with a single-wheeled (commonly referred to as quintessence skate) and other variations on the above basic skate design. As stated in the previous section, roller skating is not a new game in town. In fact, it was first recorded in 1743, during a stage performance in London. However, since then, it has become a great hobby in America and other parts of the world.

History of roller skating
Roller skates
Vintage roller skating

Rise of roller-skating as a sporting activity


As stated in the previous section, roller skating was not just meant for recreational purposes. In fact, by the end of the ’70s, the incredible potentials for roller-skating as a fantastic sport has already been spotted.

As such, the new single-line of wheel style of skates that are currently in use (commonly referred to as rollerblades) was typically invented for easy maneuverability and maximum speed.

While the rise of high-speed roller skating devices gave people ability to consider practicing hockey in another level of elegance in the off-season, it was the gateway to the growth of competitive skatings and sports like the speed skating and Roller Derby.

In fact, Roller Derby has become one of the most popular skating sports among women athletes.The worldwide regulatory body that oversees the entire roller sports is an organization known as The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports, commonly abbreviated as FIRS.

Speed skating



Roller skating today

Nowadays, there are tens and hundreds of competition disciplines for roller-skating. However, the following are often common:

Figure skating

Freestyle skating (always played as singles)

Dance skating (commonly played as singles, pairs, trios, and even teams)

Aggressive inline skating (a form of trick skating that involve extensive use of spins and flips)

Speed skating (for singles and pairs)

Artistic roller skating (for singles and pairs)

Exhibition (for singles and pairs)

Street skating (it is a mass participation event held in European cities and even in the towns in other parts of the world)

Precision skating (for teams)

And many other categories

Betting related to roller skating


Despite the fact that roller skating is one of the popular sports in the world, of all the guises mentioned above, there are currently no organized betting markets. However, rink hockey betting is the only game that attracts betting sites. Sometimes referred to as roller hockey, rink hockey is a sport that is rising tremendously. Similarly, there is a growing number of bookmakers that accept to place bets on it.

Rink hockey is a particular type of hockey game that is played on a tough, dry surface using skates with wheels. Hence, the reason as to why it can be considered one of the few roller skating sports. While rink hockey players use quad roller skates, inline hockey players use inline skates, which are much similar to ice hockey skates.

Sports betting

Apparently, few bookmakers offer betting opportunities on the above sport. Punters usually strike bets on the world’s three strongest rink hockey leagues, which include the top divisions in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Besides that, when the world and European championship for rink hockey roll along, bets are also placed as well.There is no doubt as to which of the domestic rink hockey competition is the finest. In the recent past, Spanish teams have been dominating the sport.

In fact, they have won 42 out of 47 European league titles, while Portuguese and Italians have won four and one times respectively. Consequently, betting punters focus most of their betting energies on Spain’s rink hockey. In fact, it generates one of the widest range of odds!

Most betting is done online via sports books sites and it’s important to do some research before deciding on which site to go with. All sites have different sports and sport events that they offer bets on. The odds vary but usually not by much. The online betting industry is blooming and lots of new sites are launched every week. To get a better idea on which sites are good and serious sites you should read user reviews of the sites. There are lots of sites that specializes on reviewing betting and casino sites. is a review site for both sports books and online casinos, it’s a good place to start your research. Check out reviews on several sites to get as fair image of the site as possible.

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