Artistic Roller skating

Artistic roller skating is a popular sport



Artistic roller skating is one of the many roller skating competitions where skaters use either inline or quad skates, though the latter option is significantly common. Some school of thought urge that the above sport is similar to figure skating, only that participants wear roller skates rather than ice skates. In fact, there are some evidence that renowned roller skaters started their skating journey in ice skating or vice versa. Inherently, famous ice skaters champions like Tara Lipinski, Marina Kielmann, and Brian Boitano all began as artistic roller skaters.

Roller skating is one of the oldest game in the history of humankind. As early as 1700, the freewheeling game was already in the streets of many urban areas and towns. While some few people view roller-skating as an awkward game, other believes that it is one of the incredible games full of fun and aesthetics. In fact, nowadays, fitness and wellness experts recommend skating on rollers as one of the best exercises for healthy living.

Although roller skating is an old game, it is unpopular among many people. Indeed, in the earlier days, people were playing it just for recreational purposes. However, nowadays, the game has become a popular sport, and even some go ahead to use it as a mode of transport in busy streets. Nevertheless, as a sporting activity, there are different types of competition disciplines for roller-skating and one of them is Artistic roller-skating.

Artistic roller skating
Artistic roller skating


Artistic roller skating as a competition form


In most cases, inline and quad do not compete against each other, but instead they do it separately. Artistic roller skating has become so popular to the extent that it has been universally accepted as one of the most competitive events just like football and athletics.

In fact, since 2002, inline and quad figure skating has been included in the world championship. Therefore, experienced and expert skaters have a chance to demonstrate and show their capabilities and skills in a live competition watched across the globe on big screens.

Typically, within artistic roller-skating, a skater can choose to participate in several other disciplines, which include:



Pairs (where we have two skaters performing spins, lifts, and jumps)




Show teams

Betting related to Artistic roller skating


Unlike other sports like athletics and soccer, roller skating competition is still a young sport in the entire world. This explains why there are very few organized betting markets for the game mentioned above.

However, when FIRS (The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports-worldwide body overseeing the entire roller skating sports) requested for the sport to be included in world championships, which was implemented in 2002, more people become interested in knowing the performance of a particular artistic roller skating club or team. Meanwhile, as the competition become global, it attracted some betting sites.

Apart from the artistic roller-skating world championship, punters usually strike bets on the three world’s strongest roller-skating leagues, which include the top divisions in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. If you are the fun of betting artistic roller-skating competition among the top leagues in the world, you will realize that the teams that dominate the sport come from Spain. Therefore, punters are advised to focus their betting energies on Spain teams.