Dance roller skating

Dance roller skating is an enjoyable sport similar to the infamous figure skating, but the participants wear roller skates rather than ice skates. The equipment used by dance roller skaters are akin to the rollers used any other skater, which means they use either inline skates or quad skates. However, many dance skaters prefer using quad skates.

As early as 18th century, roller skating was common in cities and towns. Despite being old, very few people had impressed the aesthetic value of skating using freewheel rollers. Nevertheless, some people have started to love the game, and others have taken it far to be a competitive sport and source of income. As a matter of fact, roller skating is one of the incredible physical exercises that plays a crucial role in maintaining body fitness and overall wellbeing.

In the recent past, roller-skating was not considered as a sport, but it was viewed from a point of recreational activity. However, in the present days, the norm has changed, and roller skating has slowly entered into the sporting industry. The global body that oversees the entire roller sport is a reputable organization commonly referred to as The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports, or FIRS in short.

Just like other global competitive games, roller skating competition has become a popular sporting event with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the globe. Similar to ball games, there are different types of competition disciplines for skating, and one of them is an entertaining game called Dance Skating.


Sub-disciplines within the dance roller-skating


Original dance


Original dance roller skating is a special dance where participants roll around dancing a couple of rhythms chosen from a given set of beats. In most cases, the overseeing body, the FIRS are given the mandate to set the rhythms.


Solo dance


Solo dance roller skating incorporated all the above sub-disciplines. While performing a solo dance, a dancer is required to demonstrate steps of the compulsory dance, original dance, and free dance in equal proportions.


Free dance


Free dance roller skating is similar freestyle skating, only that some few rules have been changed. Typically, skaters do not necessarily follow a particular pattern while skating on the floor, but they must be creative while interpreting the played music.


Compulsory dance


Compulsory dance roller skating is exceptional in the sense that the participants should follow specific steps while performing.

Betting related to dance roller skating


Despite the fact that dance roller skating has become one of the most popular events in the world, of all the sub-disciplines mentioned above, there no organized betting markets so far.

The primary reason as to why there are no betting opportunities on the above sport is because dance skating is used entirely for entertainment. For instance, dance skaters perform before an opening ceremony event, birthday parties, and so on.

However, there are some organized events where fans are required to pay an entrance fee to watch their favorite roller-skating dance. For such a case, betting organizations have been entrusted the role of selling tickets.