Freestyle roller skating

The history about Freestyle roller skating


Although roller skating is one of the classical sports in the world, its popularity among many people has remained below the par. Those who loved roller skating took just applauded it as a recreational activity.

However, as skating become more fun and sophisticated, it is quickly taking its place as a sporting event. In fact, an organization, commonly referred to as The Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (or FIRS) has been instituted to oversee the entire roller skating industry.

Nowadays, just like any other sporting activities, roller skating is one of the most competitive sport with skaters from around the globe. Apart from it being a source of income to full-time skaters, skating is one of the physical exercises that play a significant role in maintaining body fitness.

As previously mentioned, roller skating has become popular sporting event attracting hundreds of thousands from around the world. Just like athletics and ball games, roller skating competition comes in different disciplines, and one of them is an incredible sport called Freestyle roller skating.

Freestyle roller skating
Freestyle roller skating jump


Freestyle roller skating as a sports event


Freestyle Roller skating is a sporting event similar to figure skating, but the only difference is that those who participate in roller skating wear roller skates while the former wear ice skates. Freestyle roller skaters use inline skates or quad skates, although quad skates are more common.

Freestyle skating incorporates figure skating spins, footwork, and jumps into a program set to music. Typically, most of the jumps performed by freestyle skaters are similar to those displayed by ice skaters, only some few names have changed. For instance, a toe loop’ in ice skating is similar to the mapes in freestyle roller skating. Euler and loop jump are the common types of jumps that are performed by freestyle skaters

Freestyle roller-skating typically emphasize on spins. Huh, this is quite funny: spin is a freestyle skating procedure where participants form an inverted camel! Although women skaters majorly perform inverted camel, few men have also learned to do it. However, when it comes to competition, hardly men are seen participating in inverted camel program. The broken ankle is other common style of freestyle roller skating spins that are impossible to be performed with blades of an ice skater.

Betting associated with Freestyle roller skating


Despite the fact that freestyle roller skating is one of the most popular skating sub-disciplines, there are no organized betting marketing place odds on its competitions. In general, freestyle skating sport is currently meant for recreational and entertainment purposes.

In other words, there are hardly any betting opportunities for punters of the above sporting activity.However, organized freestyle skaters are always invited to entertain visitors and guest in a particular function. For instance, during the soccer world cup opening ceremony, freestyle skaters are seen on the ground providing incredible entertainment.

Besides that, if you are organizing a party or any other event, you can invite freestyle skaters and charge an entrance fee for punters who would like to get entertained. In such a case, a reputable betting organization can sell tickets to fans.