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The history of Jam roller skating



Back in the days, roller skating was common in the main towns and streets, but it was just meant for recreational purposes. However, currently, freewheeling on skates has taken another angle; it is no longer serving one purpose since it practiced as a sport and used as a means of transport. Besides that, roller skating is adopted as one of the incredible physical exercises for body fitness.

Just like any other competitive sport, roller skating has different styles that participants can choose to engage. One of the common roller skating techniques is a discipline called Jam Roller Skating. If you are unfamiliar with Jam Skating, then here is a comprehensive explanation.

Jam skating is an innovative style in the history of roller-skating using quad skates. Besides that, it is also unique in the sense that the game blends several styles of skating, gymnastics, and dance. Although up to now, no one knows the exact time when jam roller skating was introduced, it is traced to a roller-skating performed on a disco in the 1970s.

Nowadays, advanced jam skaters have background skills of other roller-skating styles such as rhythm skating, modern dance skating, JB skating, and artistic figure skating.

Other than the limitation of time during jam roller skating competitive events, typically, there are few rules in the above sport. Indeed, the free flowing movement of Jam roller skating often include elements from associated movement and styles including crazy legs, racing, toe jamming’, shuffle skating, and of course, freestyle rhythm skating. In most cases, jam skating sport is not only competitive, but it also provides an opportunity for incredible entertainment and most punters enjoy social and recreational skating sessions on a regular basis.

Jam roller skating
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Jam roller skating events and categories


It is known that FIRS is the global body that oversees the entire roller skating sports. However, in the U.S, when it comes to Jam roller-skating; there is another sub-body that governs its events. In 1997, the JamSkate Association was founded to unite different roller skating clubs who shared a common style of skating.

In 2002, another body commonly referred to as World Skating Association, or WAS, in short, was formed to oversee jam skating sport. In fact, the primary role of WAS is to organize and host skater-oriented jam skating events around the globe.

Just like other roller skating styles, jam skating has its formats or sub-disciplines. Quite often, when performing jam roller-skating, a skater can demonstrate any of the following:


Toe jam







Betting related to Jam roller skating


As mentioned in the previously, jam skating is one of the newest roller sports. As such, there is hardly any organized betting market offering odds for jam skating event.

However, jam roller skating is commonly organized to entertain guest or congregation in a particular ceremony.

In most cases, tickets are sold to punters who enjoy watching the sport and mostly, a reputable betting organization takes the role of selling the entry tickets.

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