Speed roller skating


Being one of the latest sports in the industry, there is an association entrusted with the mandate to oversee the entire roller-skating, and it commonly referred to as the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports or abbreviated as FIRS. This body is responsible for organizing roller-skating world championship, overseeing roller-skating leagues, setting standards of the game, and much more.

In fact, through the tireless efforts of FIRS, roller skating was included in the world championship in 2002. Well, just like any other competitive sport, roller skating is made of several disciplines, and one of them is referred to as Speed Roller Skating, which will be explained in details herein.

Speed skating is the roller sport for racing on quad skates or inline skates. However, the latter option is more common, and that why most participants usually refer speed skating as inline racing. Despite the fact that the above sport evolved from racing on customary roller skates, speed skating shares many similarities with ice speed skating. As a matter of fact, depending on seasons, many competitors have been known to be switching between ice speed and roller speed skating.

Typically, roller speed skating is a large as well as fast-growing competitive sport. In most cases, it consists of 12 to about 24 athletes skating on a sturdy surface moving as one flowing unit as well as racing at high speeds. Inherently, participants need to be competent and careful so that they can maintain precise timings and formations of the group. Besides that, the athlete should have top-notch skating skills such as footwork, speeding experience, and presentation.

Speed roller skating


Speed skating as a competitive sport


Just like ball games and other competitive sports, roller speed skating is held in a variety of formats as well as a variety of surfaces. In most cases, indoor speed skating is most common, where the competition takes place at a roller skating ring with a plastic coated wood or cement floors. In most cases, the track is 100 meters in circumference. Nevertheless, outdoor speed skating races are also held on regular pavements on park roads or city streets.

Nowadays, roller speed skaters perform different race formats, which include the following:

Time trials



Distance runs

Criterium races

Marathons/Ultra marathons

Betting associated with Speed skating


As previously mentioned, roller skating is a relatively new sport in the industry, and this explains why there are hardly any organized betting markets offering betting odds for some of its sports.

However, speed skating is one of the most competitive roller-skating disciplines. In fact, there are some top leagues in U.S, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Germany doing speed skating.

Typically, these’re some of the great leagues that punters place bets in some of the betting sites. For a long time, Spanish speed skating teams have been dominating the sport.